Now Faith is…..

26 Mar

Someone close to me recently made the statement that I’ve become more religious. He noticed that my emails talked more about God. I shared with him my testimony of God’s goodness to me. No I replied I haven’t become more religious. I’ve always been a spiritual person it’s just that I’ve returned to my base, my foundation, my source. Yes that did entail returning to church but before that I had to believe. At one point I walked away from God but he never walked away from me. Even through my crisis of faith, it was my crisis of faith, God never stopped having faith or believing in me. He continued to show his love for me through friends, family even complete strangers. He sent me small miracles. He sent me friends who weren’t my race, faith, ethnic group or belief system.

Fellow Christians we have not cornered the market on God nor do we have a monopoly on God. There is wisdom to be gleaned from those of other faiths and belief systems. Get over having to be the “right one” and open your hearts and minds. No you do not have to give up your faith but try to gain a greater understanding of cultures around us and receive what they have to offer.  It might even change your outlook if you visited a house of worship in a faith other than your own to discover the similarities as opposed to the differences. Let’s have a spiritual evolution that leads to revelation.

When we are at our lowest point in life that’s when God is truly carrying and caring for us.  But faith without works is dead. I had to believe. I had to trust God. I had to make the first step. I had to take positive actions that showed I had faith in my abilities to succeed in whatever I put my hand to.  In a Discovery of Self I unveiled my ability to have Faith in the face of fear.

The prodigal daughter returned home to her Father’s open arms. Then I returned to myself along with the return of my self confidence and faith in what I can do coupled with trusting God to do the rest. Define your own version of success don’t be defined by others’ versions. Live the Vision that God gave to you. There’s still a long way to go but I have more joy in my journey.

Donations to this Ministry for the Housing Fund can be made in U.S. Funds via PayPal, (using my email deborah. palmer) money order, or bank checks made payable to Deborah A. Palmer. Thank you and God Bless.


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