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poem- mother

29 Dec

Very deep thought provoking poem. Don’t let the chasm between yourself and your loved ones, family, or relatives become so vast that the possibility of reconciliation is in the next world. We are called to Forgiveness as God has Forgiven us.

Shawn L. Bird

He said

his mother was dead,

because the gulf

between them

was wide with guilt

and jumping it

was beyond

their capability.

She said

her son was lost

because his choices

marooned him

on an island of his own making

and would not let

anyone in.

They said

their journeys

were in opposite directions

but eventually,

on the other side of the world,

they’re bound to intersect.

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Stephen Vincent Palmer ~ The Man. The Myth and The Legend!!

15 Dec

Stephen Vincent Palmer ~ A Living Testimony to God’s Grace & Power!!

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

TESTIMONY & PRAISE REPORT TIME!! Just learning of Stephen’s photography talent testifies to the Glory and Greatness of God! Back in 1963 when my parents took Stephen to various doctors trying to find out my their son age 2 did not speak, these idiot stupid doctors told my parents that Stephen, then a two year old child would never amount to anything, could not be trained, could not learn and that they should give up and place him in an institution, which in those days would have been Willowbrook.  I Thank God every day for my parents faith and persistence that their child could and would learn.

Those of us over 45 know and remember the horrors Geraldo Rivera discovered at that terrible place. Thank you Lord that my parents did not listen to the dumb doctors but took their son, my brother home to raise him as normal as possible…

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