Carnage Comes Again

18 Jan

Deep profound thoughts and words.

Stumbling along the sidewalk

Spears fly through the air,
They aim at my heart.
But I will not be deterred.
I will fight with all my might
To continue this journey.

Rivers overflow.
The tidal wave has come!
It floods the streets,
And fills the houses
Of innocent families.

The earthquake ripples
Through the ground,
“They are here,” someone cries.
Gigantic horses gallop
Through the carnage,

Crushing men, women and children.
On top of these steeds
Ride men clothed in armor,
With large steel swords,
The better for the cutting down.

Ripping through flesh,
Stabbing, slicing.
Heads role onto the ground.
Torches are lit and thrown
Into buildings.

Where do these men come from?
Is it from afar?
Or are they members
Of families and clubs,
Churches and businesses?

What has caused
The change in their hearts?
What has darkened their souls?
What makes them cold
To the murders and mayhem?

This is my…

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