25 Jan

Caught up in a time warp searching for something yet unable to find whatever it may be.

The new-ness

I used to frequent a coffee shop in the market nearby. They served the most fantastic coffee. I met a lot of people at this coffee shop – we would share a table, sometimes our thoughts and often our smokes. I knew most of them by their names but I knew all of them by their stories. One of these nameless faces, I was informed last week, killed himself.

He was 27.

And he was a bloody genius. I shall not speak of his personal life and its troubles, but I would share his work here. What a loss.

once upon a time
The ruined remains of what was once a bustling capital city almost a thousand years ago. As the time flies by, and so do the clouds above, there is an eerie stillness of being caught up in a time wrap here. As if you are somewhere you ought not to be…

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