My Confession: I Love Women, if that Makes Me a Lesbian…

26 Jan

A Strong SiStar tempered by steel. Sister Cecilia has turned sorrows into strengths!! ❤ ❤

Mum C writes


Recently, I get many accusations that I may be a woman lover, mostly from men who see themselves as my knight in shinning armour and their families (well, the only person who must make see that knight is me and I’ve not seen him yet). Oh, what is wrong with loving women? I love women and will forever love women and I’m not saying I hate men, was I not fathered by a man? None must judge me for my choices. I will tell you the funny story of my existence.

When the choirmaster of a church deceived a pretty damsel, slept with her and some other women, impregnated her and bolted with some other woman, it was the kind lady who decided to house me for nine months before giving birth to a little child with a big head who turned out to be just me. One would think…

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