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A Recovery Blog Share From My Friends At & Written By, Lindsay Kramer. . .

21 Feb

Recovery is possible day by day and step by step.

Let Recovery Start Here! A Gamble Free and Sober Blog. Celebrating My Recovery & Life With Others.

Hello Recovery Friends and Welcome New Visitors,

I have a lot of wonderful recovery supporters in my corner. Many who come from my interacting with many through social media where I try to spread a little HOPE to those reaching out to recover from addicted gambling, and many other addictions. If you have been in longer term recovery, then you learn that it is not about the type of addiction you maybe recovering from, but more about the habits and behaviors we seem to rely and learn deep within our addiction.

So part of our recovery work is to learn to correct those negative habits and behavioral problems that we seem to use as maybe a coping skill or escape from many types of feelings that we experience within our addiction. Like, shame, guilt, denial, remorse and so many more.

So a good friend of mine, Laura, from a great recovery…

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“Sometimes In Recovery A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”. . . Time To Shatter STIGMA

21 Feb

Do Not Judge for though you may know my name you don’t know my story or what I’ve been through.

Let Recovery Start Here! A Gamble Free and Sober Blog. Celebrating My Recovery & Life With Others.

Hello Recovery Friends and Welcome New Visitors,


'If you or a loved one needs HELP, please call 1.800.815.6308 or visit Recovery not only changes, but SAVES lives!! <3'


YES,. . . . It’s Just That Simple! Please Don’t Judge Me or Others Who Live In Recovery From Gambling Addiction!




Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

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Catholics are Fasting for Climate Action During Lent

19 Feb

Protect, Honor and Save Mother Earth! She is all we have!

Catholics Around The World Will Fast For Climate Action During Lent

Wednesday marks the first day of Lent, and though some Catholics will be giving up sugar or coffee or junk food, others will be taking the 40-day test of self control one step further. They’ll be giving up food (or at least one meal) for at least one day during Lent, and will be doing so as a call for action on climate change.

During the Lenten Fast for Climate Justice, participating Catholics from 45 countries will abstain from food for one day, with the date of the fast depending on what country the participant is from. Americans will be fasting on March 16. This fast will be held in addition to the two other traditional fasting days during Lent: Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

The group organizing the fast, the Global Catholic Climate Movement, is also encouraging participants…

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“Speak good or remain silent”…!! #DontHateDebate! ”Ya hayır konuş ya da sus”…!! #NefretEtmeTartış

16 Feb

Speak Life. Speak goodness.



Mustafa Nazif

They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it.

Onlar ağızlarıyla Allah’ın nûrunu söndürmek istiyorlar. Halbuki kâfirler istemeseler de Allah nûrunu tamamlayacaktır.

Sie möchten Allahs Licht auslöschen mit ihren Mündern, doch Allah wird Sein Licht vollkommen machen, auch wenn die Ungläubigen es hassen.

Quisiera apagar de un soplo la Luz de Alá, pero Alá hará que resplandezca, a despecho de los infieles.

Vogliono spegnere la luce di Allah con le loro bocche, ma Allah completerà la Sua luce a dispetto dei miscredenti .

Ils veulent étendre de leurs bouches la lumière d’Allah, alors qu’Allah parachèvera Sa lumière en dépit de l’aversion des mécréants.

Mereka ingin hendak memadamkan cahaya (agama) Allah dengan mulut (ucapan-ucapan) mereka, dan Allah tetap menyempurnakan cahaya-Nya meskipun orang-orang kafir benci.

Pretendem extinguir a Luz de Deus com as suas (infames) bocas; porém, Deus completará…

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Emotions – This post is part of SoCS & Love is in da blog

15 Feb

We must Love and care for all beings both humans and animals.



Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

Love Is In Da Blog

Today’s prompt is not easy to start for me. What is emotions and the opposites in these? A lot of things happening in our world can turn my temper up in red, even I use to be a calm soul, when I tell it myself…..

I think back at this weeks post at WordPress and think at Cecilias poem about Abused Orphanes did make me so very sad. When kids live away from their home, if the parents are alive at all, at least we need to secure that they get the needed love and care, when they don’t have family to give them this. After being sad I thought about what we can do to change this behavior from adults, who really should show empathy and love to those kids and not abuse them.

I know this is happening to many orphans and…

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Bittman’s NYT Op-Ed ‘What is the Purpose of Society?’

15 Feb

Food must not become an addiction when it is meant to be a healer. Balance is Key!

New York Times columnist Mark Bittman poses a question about society.

What Is the Purpose of Society?

The world of food and agriculture symbolizes most of what’s gone wrong in the United States. But because food is plentiful for most people, and the damage that conventional agriculture does isn’t readily evident to everyone, it’s important that we look deeper, beyond food, to the structure that underlies most decisions: the political economy. […]

It’s clear to most everyone, regardless of politics, that the big issues — labor, race, food, immigration, education and so on – must be ‘fixed,’ and that fixing any one of these will help with the others. But this kind of change must begin with an agreement about principles, specifically principles of human rights and well-being rather than principles of making a favorable business climate.

Shouldn’t adequate shelter, clothing, food and health care be universal? Isn’t everyone owed…

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Is Addiction a Disease?

15 Feb

Addiction accountability.

Become Free!


Lets first define the word disease. According to the Merriam- Webster dictionary the word disease is defined as: a condition of the living animal or plant body or of one of its parts that impairs normal functioning and is typically manifested by distinguishing signs and symptoms.

OK. Then the dictionary gives types, examples and origins of diseases. You can look up other resources and other dictionary sites but overall the definition is pretty much the same.

I decided to write about this topic as it seems many people do think that drug addiction and alcoholism is a disease and there are others that do not. Most of society, yes the place where substances such as alcohol, Oxycontin (Oxycodone) and where most mind altering chemicals are produced, believes it’s a disease. Which is understandable. The blind leading the blind. Again, the same pharmaceutical companies that produce these drugs also have an…

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