9 Feb

Sight in the midst of Darkness.


The image is of Marvel comics Scarlet Witch, a white woman with red hair, a red leather vest, a white dress and long black gloves is standing confidently with arms outstretched beside her in a gesture of gathering power or strength. Her eyes are totally white and her gaze is on the viewer. The background is semi-abstract with a streak of bright yellow/orange and darkness, what one might expect to see from an alley where the sunset is bright at the end. What superpower does your disability give you? (Pictured: concept art for Marvel’s Scarlet Witch)

What is your superpower? What is your strength, something given by what you have lost, something that fills a void you didn’t even know about. What is your superpower, they keep asking me?

My name is that of a superhero. They keep telling me that. And I am strong. Not as strong as some, but no one expects it, not from this tiny frame. It is my secret superpower, credence to my name.

No. No it isn’t. That was then, that was her, that other woman. She doesn’t live here anymore. All that she had, was, gone. This is a new skin. Ill-fitting, it sags and droops and suffocates, biting to hold on with its million tiny teeth. These hands can’t clasp, these limbs can’t bear. I’ve donned a mask to brave this battle against an unknown…

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