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22 Mar

Into your hands Lord do we commit their spirits.

I Am Not Sick Boy

Anyone who reads any of my posts here has heard me talk about the many difficulties of caring for a child with chronic diseases.  Many are born with these illnesses and live their entire lives with them such as my son Alex.  There are others that develop their disease, syndrome, or other condition in their youth.  As an adult, we understand our sickness and what is needed:  Surgery, necessary blood tests, or examinations.  It is not so for our little ones.

If you could imagine what it would be like to have strangers poking and prodding every inch of your body, what would you think?  Children are at the mercy of the doctors, nurses and lab technicians.  As they grow, there are medicines, appointments, surgeries, procedures and all the other things that are ordered for their illness.  Everything is completely out of their hands.  No control.  They have anxiety and…

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International Happiness Day: Let’s Sing a Love Song

21 Mar

Choice. Freedom. Happiness.

Reflections and Nightmares- Irene A Waters (writer and memoirist)


Happiness is essential for well-being and is recognised by the United Nations as being essential for our well-being although our society has increasingly developed a lifestyle which is isolating to people . Money and Possessions don’t make people happy. It is their connectedness to other people.

Some good tips are given in the happiness pack which I am sharing before looking at one problem — drug addiction.

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

__ Maya Angelou

Ten Ways to Make yourself Happy  – a GREAT DREAM and easy to remember.

Give, Relate, exercise, Appreciate the world around you, Try out new things

Direction (having purpose), Resilience, Emotion, Acceptance (of yourself), Meaning (be part of a community)

Today Take Some Action:

Do something kind for others

Volunteer your time, energy or skills

Get to know neighbours…

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In Love Drug

15 Mar

Accurately Describes my past relationships. Once again bowing out of the Dating scene to work on me. This post is my silent inner voice spoken aloud.

Emma's Cup

It is clear that I was only another drug to him. He took pride in the fact that he no longer numbed himself with drugs and alcohol. Instead, he turned to me and robbed me of my energy to keep himself from running on empty. He used my energy to get high, and then he would run around until he got himself exhausted. He kept me close not because he loved me, but so he could have access to my energy. He had stopped sacrificing himself to the drugs and alcohol, and started to sacrifice me to be able to function without them. He proved to me that this in-love thing is painted-lipsyet another addiction.

It became plain to see how sick the in-love relationship can really be. Instead of using something, the addict now uses someone. Instead of hiding in something,

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13 Mar

Rejoice, for children are a gift from God!

Mum C writes

A good gift is what we strive to keep

A good gift is what costs us sleepless nights

A good gift is what helps us take a grand leap

A good gift is what makes us shine so bright

I suffer to keep

What others sleep to keep

I suffer to nurse

What others lie to nurse

I suffer to grow

What others leave to grow

But I am stronger

I have a jewel I always polish

Causing me and others to cherish

I know it will shine brightest

And eventually be my mirror

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

(If you have a child with a health problem, do not see them as flawed. They are good gifts God gives to test your capabilities. Children are gifts from God and none can be an animal. May God give all mothers strength for the journey of motherhood)

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Don’t Lose Sight!

10 Mar

Don’t Lose Sight!.

via Don’t Lose Sight!.


Keep your eyes on the Prize for your High Calling!

I Enjoy Each Year Supporting “Gambling Awareness Month” Along With My Friends At “The National Council on Problem Gambling!”

5 Mar

Please Read, Listen, Like & Support. Share this message with others today. You never know who you will help.

Let Recovery Start Here! A Gamble Free and Sober Blog. Celebrating My Recovery & Life With Others.

Hello Gambling Recovery Friends and New Visitors,

It is that time of year again for me to help CELEBRATE, EDUCATE, INFORM, and ADVOCATE alongside my friends at The National Council on Problem Gambling to share and raise awareness about problem and addicted gambling!

Being in recovery from addicted gambling myself for over 8 yrs now, these fine people have helped many afflicted by problem or addicted gambling, and have helped many, many families too. So I join them each year, and share in Raising Awareness of this devastating problem and addiction . . . .



Here is a more about this wonderful campaign and how you can learn more about them on their wonderful website right here:

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month

As you know, problem gambling is a public health issue affecting relationships, families, businesses and communities. During the month of March, we work especially hard to raise…

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Alone But Not Lonely

5 Mar

The title and her words speak for themselves. Moving forward despite tests, trials and tragedy. Living her Golden Life.

Wanderings of an Elusive Mind

Aloneness – defined by Merriam Webster as separateness, solitariness – not to be confused with loneliness – defined as emptiness or hollowness inside, isolated.

It is interesting that it has now been just over a year since husband was released from his cancer pain and suffering, and yet I have not had any real sense of loneliness or aloneness – until this week. This week, for whatever reason, the reality of that aloneness has been circling around me.

Alone, but not lonely
Housatanic River, CT

That is not to say I’m lonely – that is not to say there is no one around me that cares, because there are dear friends nearby, dear friends not so near by, and family. I know I am liked, I know I am loved. I don’t have a problem living alone – I live quite well with myself. It is simply this realization that I am the…

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