In Love Drug

15 Mar

Accurately Describes my past relationships. Once again bowing out of the Dating scene to work on me. This post is my silent inner voice spoken aloud.

Emma's Cup

It is clear that I was only another drug to him. He took pride in the fact that he no longer numbed himself with drugs and alcohol. Instead, he turned to me and robbed me of my energy to keep himself from running on empty. He used my energy to get high, and then he would run around until he got himself exhausted. He kept me close not because he loved me, but so he could have access to my energy. He had stopped sacrificing himself to the drugs and alcohol, and started to sacrifice me to be able to function without them. He proved to me that this in-love thing is painted-lipsyet another addiction.

It became plain to see how sick the in-love relationship can really be. Instead of using something, the addict now uses someone. Instead of hiding in something,

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