19 Apr

GERD ~~ More serious than we acknowledge.

I Am Not Sick Boy

GI am, once again, a day late.  I knew the letter was ‘G’ and had no doubt what I would be writing about.  This one is emotional and personal to me.  I am sure that most people think GERD is a minor problem that most people deal with from time to time.  Who dies from heartburn?  Well, this is the cause of my son’s death when he was thirty years old.  And why I have this blog, to shout out to the world that children are not treated well in our current healthcare system and  to remind all practitioners working that our children are people too.  Also, that their families who have been living through it with them are overwhelmed, exhausted, and confused.  There is another way and it is my mission to introduce my vision and continue fighting for change until it is realized.  That is another subject for…

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  1. sheldonk2014 April 19, 2015 at 8:13 am #

    It’s always sad when a child dies what’s makes it worst when the Dr just can’t get it rite,I feel your pain and can relate
    As always Sheldon

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