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29 Jun

Why do we hate LGBT People so much – Every Word You say by Amy A

29 Jun


David Snape Show - Bourne and Beyond

I was raised in a family where I was going to be in a relationship with a man and that was the way it should be, if there was a program showing LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) people on TV it was turned over, if there was a LGBT couple walking down the street we were supposed to be disgusted. But I don’t understand why. Why are we so against something that causes no harm? I mean, I cannot think of a single reason to hate someone based on their sexual preferences, and I believe that as long as there are two consensual adults then they should be able to have sex, marry, and have kids with anyone they choose. I asked my family and a few people I know why they did not support the LGBT community and here were their reasons:
▪ Religion. Okay this a touchy…

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Overcoming Impostor Syndrome as a Photographer

29 Jun

Fear presents its own unique challenges and opportunities.

The Daily Post

There is an unsettling, nagging worry that accompanies impostor syndrome, that somehow, someday, someone is going to find out that you’re a great big phony.

Impostor syndrome is the pervasive feeling that you’re faking your way through success, and that your achievements are attributable only to good luck. There is an unsettling, nagging worry that accompanies impostor syndrome, that somehow, someday, someone is going to find out that you’re a great big phony. That you’re really not as really good as you’ve cleverly convinced people that you are. That you’re a fraud.

In today’s post, I’ve decided to focus on impostor syndrome in the photography community, but everything herein can be easily extrapolated onto any professional field or any creative pursuit. I’ve collected some thoughts from a few of the I Heart FacesCreative Team; Amandalynn Jones and Julie Rivera, as well as Texas photographer Karyn Kelbaugh

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Dealing With The Flying Monkeys

29 Jun

Invalidation is abuse.


Usually when I write, I focus on healing from narcissistic abuse or narcissism. Today I would like to take a side trip & discuss the narcissist’s flying monkeys.

I’m not entirely sure who invented that phrase, but I think it was Dr. Karyl McBride, author of the wonderful book for daughters of narcissistic mothers, “Will I Ever Be Good Enough?” Anyway, the line was taken from the movie, “The Wizard Of Oz.” Remember the wicked witch who sent her flying monkeys out to do her dirty work? I think it is the perfect way to describe these people!

Flying monkeys are those who side with the narcissist. They think she is a great person, & you obviously have the problem if you can’t appreciate her. If you have a disagreement with your narcissistic mother, this person will come out of the woodwork, & tell you things like how great she…

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Southern Heritage and Marriage Equality for All

28 Jun

Common Sense Thoughts.

Stumbling along the sidewalk

I have seen a lot of buzz and opinions posted on the internet this week about the historic changes that have happened, and are still coming about in the U.S. I figured I would add my two cents as well, now that I’ve had some time to process it all.

I know that many of my Southern friends are upset about the Confederate flags coming down, but I really think it is a no-brainer, and it should have happened long ago, like at the end of the 19th Century or something. I don’t know if Southern states have been flying them all along or not, but I really think it is a crime against humanity to try to retain anything reminiscent of the Confederacy, except in a museum. You can go there to celebrate your heritage, not parade it around like it was something positive, because for black people, it…

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Suicidal Thoughts, Self-Harm, Depression: It’s Okay

28 Jun

Raising awareness regarding depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Knowledge is power!

For many of you, suicide may just sound like something “cowards” or “weak” people do. You’ve probably cracked some jokes about it with your friends, playfully told people, “Just go kill yourself”, or maybe even looked down upon someone who actually attempted to kill themselves. The same goes for victims of cutting/self-harm and depression. These people seem to get rejected by society, even picked on for being vulnerable. I’m not trying to justify suicide or self-harm here. I don’t believe there is any justification in taking your own life or hurting yourself. What I’m trying to get at is, there is a major problem in our society. If someone is hurting themselves, thinking about taking their own life, or suffering from depression the LAST thing you should do is pick on them. It highlights a repulsive flaw in your character, and is extremely detrimental to the person who is suffering…

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The sea eats the land at home by Kofi Awoonor

27 Jun

Ghana Literature Week.


At home the sea is in the town,
Running in and out of the cooking places,
Collecting the firewood from the hearths
And sending it back at night;
The sea eats the land at home.

It came one day at the dead of night,
Destroying the cement walls,
And carried away the fowls,
The cooking-pots and the ladles,
The sea eats the land at home;

It is a sad thing to hear the wails,
And the mourning shouts of the women,
Calling on all the gods they worship,
To protect them from the angry sea.

Aku stood outside where her cooking-pot stood,
With her two children shivering from the cold,
Her hands on her breasts,
Weeping mournfully.

Her ancestors have neglected her,
Her gods have deserted her,
It was a cold Sunday morning,
The storm was raging,
Goats and fowls were struggling in the water,
The angry water of the…

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