Random Act of kindness

19 Jun

All no matter race, religion, nationality or country are our Sisters and brothers.


Met this lady struggling to make her bun for her box braids in the bathroom today.I look at her and smile because she is struggling with something I consider easy but being the human being I am,I just ignore her and wash my hands and I am thinking,why not help her.She might be my friend one day and help me with work.Or I could just help her and not expect anything from her.

Finally I interrupt this unnecessary board meeting in my mind  between the many ‘me’s and ask her…Can I help you?She responds with a huge smile.”Yes please”.I help her tie her hair and leave.And then I realised I just offered my help without someone asking.Something which we rarely do.We want to be called to help.We only want to help looking at what we will benefit from that.Yes the world has become evil and people have a tendency of using…

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