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Black Lives Matter

26 Jul


If anyone feels bothered by the title you need to reevaluate your character. This movement has been the hashtag of many cases in regards to police brutality for the past year. I’m unable to turn on television or open my social media accounts without reading about the murder of blacks by the hands of police. I often see videos of white police officers beating black people who are already on the ground and unarmed. I just saw a video of a young black male who was cornered by police, put his hands up, got on the ground then an officer started kicking him in the face and the other officer proceeded to join in on the assault. This altercation resulted in a broken jaw among other injuries. I saw another video of a bunch of young teens and pre-teens girls being put in a choke hold by male officers. I’m…

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Have You Read My Book? Here Is A Little Preview of “Addicted To Dimes, Confessions Of A Liar And A Cheat”

26 Jul

Soul baring literature.

The Presence of God

20 Jul

God is evident in his creation. His glory is manifested in earth, sky and sea. Nature is my cathedral.

My Symbol Of Letting Go

19 Jul

On the way to Freedom!!

Erika Kind

Letting go is a topic in everybody’s life at times. Yesterday I was talking to a friend and I realized that during the past weeks more and more friends are posting about letting go or about their process of letting go. There are so many different reasons or stories behind. May it be about love, about plans we made, about disappointments, being hurt. But in the end we can mostly sum it up to two points:

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Letting Go – Lance’s own take

18 Jul

Grieve but don’t live inside your grief and wallow in your sorrow. Release the burden.

Write to Inspire

I posted this yesterday in a comment in response to Erika Kind’s excellent and inspiring blog post, My Symbol of Letting Go. A few friends of mine saw it and encouraged me to publish it as a stand alone blog post. I hope that at least one person who reads this will gain something from it.

The Book

This is a point that I make to people about the importance of letting go. It was originally explained to me in a totally different way, but I like to explain it in my own terms.

The Ra Expedition The Ra Expedition by Thor Heyerdahl (1971)

Pick up a book.
You must have one close at hand, so you could do this right now.

How heavy is the book?
Not too heavy, really.

Stand up and hold it out in front of you at arm’s length.
One hand or two? It doesn’t matter.


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Sitting in the Mental Health waiting room… By Carl Baumann 

18 Jul

“But unlike a broken leg there is no time frame for mending a broken mind.”

David Snape Show - Bourne and Beyond

Coping with a mental health condition is an exercise in patience..
Not only are you “stuck” in a situation that you either cannot control or have to learn new behaviours in order to try and bring under control, you are also “stuck” in the system…
By that I mean the interminable waiting for appointments with doctors, mental health care professionals, benefits advisors, the DWP etc etc. There is also the waiting to “get/feel better”. But unlike a broken leg there is no time frame for mending a broken mind.
It is unfortunate that being mentally unwell can mean for many that working is not an option. The lack of anything meaningful to do can result in making an existing condition worse as depression and having too much time to “think” can amplify negative feelings of worthlessness and wondering “What’s the point?” – Your mind is free to create a prison…

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I Accept All That is Offered

13 Jul

Breakthrough. The clouds are parting and slivers of sunlight are shining through.

Lorrie Bowden


There is a sadness that pervades my soul

A time of energy that sits in the balance

I can’t put my mind on the cause

There is no apparent reason for this feeling

Nothing that jumps to my thoughts

I know from past experiences

That I just need to ride it out

I need to sit with it and give it

As much honor as I can

Not every thing in life has to have a reason

Not every question has to be answered

So I sit and I breathe

And I let myself feel this feeling

Open arms I welcome the sadness

I sit with a cup of tea

And quietly

No pressure

I let it know that it has the time

And the opportunity

To be what it needs to be

I let it know

That I won’t try to control it

Or change it

Or question it

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