Letting Go – Lance’s own take

18 Jul

Grieve but don’t live inside your grief and wallow in your sorrow. Release the burden.

Write to Inspire

I posted this yesterday in a comment in response to Erika Kind’s excellent and inspiring blog post, My Symbol of Letting Go. A few friends of mine saw it and encouraged me to publish it as a stand alone blog post. I hope that at least one person who reads this will gain something from it.

The Book

This is a point that I make to people about the importance of letting go. It was originally explained to me in a totally different way, but I like to explain it in my own terms.

The Ra Expedition The Ra Expedition by Thor Heyerdahl (1971)

Pick up a book.
You must have one close at hand, so you could do this right now.

How heavy is the book?
Not too heavy, really.

Stand up and hold it out in front of you at arm’s length.
One hand or two? It doesn’t matter.


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