The Water Treader by Adam Lennon

17 Aug

I spent two weeks on the psych ward. Sadly I’m still fighting without much success.

David Snape Show - Bourne and Beyond

In late January I dumped an entire bottle of ambien into my mouth, followed by half a glass of vodka. I looked in the mirror and cried, knowing that I would never see myself again. I walked down the hall to the room which had become my prison, and thought about my mom, and how I would be the second of her children that she would have to bury due to mental illness. My thoughts then went to my wife and 3 children, who were in another state at this point, and tried to convince myself that they would be better off without me. I believed that I didn’t have any fight left in me…because the monster speaks to you through your own voice.

I ended up in the psychiatric unit for over a week, perhaps one of the most critical weeks of my life. I remember my first night…

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