Self-Hate: Criticising God’s Work

8 Nov

Loving Yourself is a good thing for you are God’s Masterpiece!!

Elena & Gal

This post was inspired by a recent conversation with a friend. We both went through something, that got us thinking about the practice of self-hate and self-criticism, and how disrespectful it is to God. So, let me begin.


Although, I used to really struggle with self esteem and body image issues, I grew out of that and became more confident with age. I learned to appreciate the imperfections and recognise the beautiful parts of myself. It might sound like a paradox to some, but I do not think that loving yourself is selfish. When you love yourself, including your body and your personality, you love God’s design and you respect His decision to make you a certain way. However, from time to time, I still find myself practising severe self-criticism. It’s like I can hear the enemy’s whisper in my ear things like: ‘You are not worthy of love!’, ‘Why would…

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