Accountability for a Soulless Classroom

29 Nov

Points to Ponder. Food for Thought. Are we just raising automatons/robots fit only for the 9-5 grind? When will individuality be valued?

Mind to Unbind

The arts require intellect, yet it’s absent on your tests

A graphite stroke, confirmed a joke, by the dollars you invest

Multiple choice mutes the voice and restricts a seeking mind

When theatre has no place in schools, outcomes will decline

A dream plays second fiddle to the “rounding” of a child

Kid’s worth, is in a value, yet dreams don’t make their file

A boy is deemed as gifted, assumptions from a score

Yet, care is void for content prescribed in Common Core

His train of thought is never taught, so why would he engage

He yearns for ovations while standing center stage

Since birth the boy was dancing, while being bottle-fed

His tippy toes, were tapping shows before, he’d found his tread

Music brought a smile, when screams were all he knew

Daddy finds his mother’s face, and paints it black and blue

Headphones in, he danced from grim, fleeing homely hell

A grieving face is what’s embraced, without savior from…

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One Response to “Accountability for a Soulless Classroom”

  1. prior2001 November 29, 2015 at 2:26 pm #

    This is dense and good stuff!!

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