Pelaginist Christians and the Islam Connection.

30 Dec

Finding common ground. Come let us reason together.

My Spiritual Interpretations

I just finished watching the  Netflix movie, “King Arthur”. I watched with tears in my eyes for the showing of King Arthur as a righteous man who actually freed the serfs from torture and death under the hands of cruel Roman Catholic lords and leaders.

In 467 AD the movie takes place just about when Muhammad was said to be born a few years later.  What I found fascinating is that Arthur was a Catholic, but did not approve of the torture and murder of the pagan Brits coming from the Celtic regions, called “Woads”. He actually meets Guinevere by rescuing her from death under the hands of roman priests said to be doing the “work of God”. Of course, knowing what we know today we can look at this scene of torture with absolute disgust and see this is indeed not the work of God, but instead the work…

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