Where does your money go?

2 Jan

Perspectives on money, gambling, & poverty.

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Coop Konsum Trosa Sweden 2015

This painting is for me about how we make money priorities that in the first thought seems okay and absolutely clear. But when you think again you may look at it differently. I have no answers to this issue, just ongoing thoughts.

If you can’t read the Swedish words in the painting it’s alright, I think you get the picture anyway.

This is how it looks like, outside on of Trosas grocery stores.

Inside you can find lots of food and also lots of opportunities to bet money on games and lotteries if you have money to spend. That’s what the advertising signs says.

Outside there’s a wheelchair man with blankets, winter clothes and an almost empty coffee paper cup. He’s always very friendly and says “hej hej” to everyone who walks into the store and comes out of the store. If someone gives him…

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