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29 Feb

Words of Wisdom. Food for thought. Points to Ponder.

Dexter "doctor" Lee's Blog


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Health Screening for People with Neuro Disorders in Four Regions of Ghana slated for March 7, 2016

27 Feb

Please support and donate to the Ghana Autism Foundation. Thank you!

Mum C writes


The Autism help foundation has among its objectives the need to create awareness of people living with neuro disorders not only in Accra but in every corner of the country. That is why it is organising a health screening for these special people with the the aim of getting their numerical data. The screening comes off on March 7, 2016. The screening,  backed by the Ghana Health Service and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts will be held in Greater Accra, Ashanti,  Northern and Upper West Regions. It will be the first of the series of screening which aims for total nationwide coverage.
For sponsorship please contact the President Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia or the National Secretary Sylvanus Bedzrah on Facebook or call +233-502-097-571.
Be bold enough to care for people with neuro disabilities in cash or kind.

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27 Feb

Celebrating my 57th Birthday today!! Happy Dance time!!

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

For My Birthday Bash I will share some of my favorite Celebration songs.  57 and Loving It!!  I Still Got it Going On cause age ain’t nothing but a Number!!

Rare Earth – I Just Want to Celebrate

Kool & The Gang – Celebration

Celebrate (1975) – Three Dog Night

Kool & The Gang – Get Down On It

The Gap Band – Party Train

MARTHA and THE VANDELLAS dancing in the street

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Japanese Purification Ceremony & Early Birthday

27 Feb

Today is my 57th Birthday!! I am Blessed, Highly Favored and Overjoyed!! Hallelujah!!

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

Went to my Japanese girlfriend’s home for a Japanese Buddhist Purification Ceremony. The American Christian equivalent is a House Blessing or Housewarming without the gifts. Enjoyed the chanting, rituals and fellowship. My girlfriend and her husband are great hosts and a lovely time was had by all who attended. The Woman Minister who officiated the ceremony was great!

My girlfriend also surprised me with a delicious Birthday cake!! My Birthday is tomorrow so I was it was pure Joy that she thought of my Special day on her special home purification day. I am truly Blessed to have good friends from all races, faiths, countries, religions and ethnic groups!! Oh Happy Day!!  At the stroke of midnight which will usher in Feb. 27th I will turn 57!!  Woohoo!!


Rare Earth – I Just Want to Celebrate

The guests get to take home and eat the food offerings…

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Bullies are killers by Lisa Ann Catano

24 Feb

Schoolyard bullies grow up to be Workplace Bullies.

David Snape Show - Bourne and Beyond

“At the heart of every relentless (and remorseless) bully is the certain (subconscious) knowledge that if they do it enough and for long enough they can actually kill their target. Just because someone isn’t using a fist, a gun or a knife doesn’t make it any less an act of violence. We need to educate society to understand this. Bullies are killers – they’re just doing it a little slower than we currently recognise” ~ Islandmoonrise (WordPress)

One of the most unconsciously accepted predators throughout history are commonly known as “bullies”. There are many versions of this kind of injustice however I’d like to draw your attention towards psychic and emotional bulling.

Whether you beat someone physically or badger them emotionally the end result is still the same. Metaphorically, the bully aims to kill their target.  For the bully, control is their primary weapon; they use it to gain power…

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Trauma Changes You

24 Feb

This blog post gives me hope. Now I don’t feel so bad about my battles with depression, anxiety and failures. I don’t have to get on the fake Happiness Train to be accepted.


Trauma actually can cause physical changes in the brain. That is why PTSD & C-PTSD happen- the brain is actually broken due to traumatic experiences. The physical damage to the brain causes the awful symptoms of both disorders.

However, I don’t believe you have to have an actual disorder to be changed by trauma.

I have C-PTSD, but the symptoms didn’t fully manifest until the spring of 2012. Prior to that, I have experienced many traumas, & I realized I changed after several of them, long before the C-PTSD.

In 2010, my house was hit by lightening while my husband & I were at a friend’s wedding reception. When we came home we learned a window unit air conditioner had been hit, & caught fire, but somehow the fire went out. The neighbor’s tree beside our driveway, where my car sits, was hit, as was their brick chimney. There were…

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‘Though she be little, she is fierce’ – being Black British.

21 Feb

Unfortunately things in America are in many cases no better and no different for Black Americans. When I was growing up in the 60s & 70s I had similar experiences in school. Sure now there is Black History month but Black people still encounter what I call Every Day Racism. Those little slights and indignities that are a constant reminder that the Civil Rights Movement still has a long way to go. Violence from police those hired to protect the public and the facts that Black lives are devalued on a daily basis has spawned the Black Lives Matter Movement. On my current job I’ve experienced racism and discrimination from certain white employees to the point that one white guy had me pinned up against a wall while nobody did anything to help me nor was he disciplined until much later when he began to attack his fellow white men. With the current Presidential race one can see the racist fires and backlash against Blacks and immigrants. The Ku Klux Klan have not disappeared they just wear their robes under designer suits.

Faith and I

What’s it like for me to be Black British? That depends on what day I am asked. It’s like looking through a diamond: the world is splintered. Colours of blue, indigo and green are splashed through my life.My father when I was a child, used to jokingly accuse me of asking too many questions. These questions led me on a journey, one that was necessary. One that’s enabled me to discuss certain answers but one that hasn’t necessarily left me better off, just better informed.

All my life, I have hada feeling of difference; of being labelled as something negative. As a child I didn’t understand the feeling, but I now identify it as a feeling of not belonging. It’s as if I were two people. The one I knew to be me: the one my parents loved…

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