‘Though she be little, she is fierce’ – being Black British.

21 Feb

Unfortunately things in America are in many cases no better and no different for Black Americans. When I was growing up in the 60s & 70s I had similar experiences in school. Sure now there is Black History month but Black people still encounter what I call Every Day Racism. Those little slights and indignities that are a constant reminder that the Civil Rights Movement still has a long way to go. Violence from police those hired to protect the public and the facts that Black lives are devalued on a daily basis has spawned the Black Lives Matter Movement. On my current job I’ve experienced racism and discrimination from certain white employees to the point that one white guy had me pinned up against a wall while nobody did anything to help me nor was he disciplined until much later when he began to attack his fellow white men. With the current Presidential race one can see the racist fires and backlash against Blacks and immigrants. The Ku Klux Klan have not disappeared they just wear their robes under designer suits.

Faith and I

What’s it like for me to be Black British? That depends on what day I am asked. It’s like looking through a diamond: the world is splintered. Colours of blue, indigo and green are splashed through my life.My father when I was a child, used to jokingly accuse me of asking too many questions. These questions led me on a journey, one that was necessary. One that’s enabled me to discuss certain answers but one that hasn’t necessarily left me better off, just better informed.

All my life, I have hada feeling of difference; of being labelled as something negative. As a child I didn’t understand the feeling, but I now identify it as a feeling of not belonging. It’s as if I were two people. The one I knew to be me: the one my parents loved…

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