Bullies are killers by Lisa Ann Catano

24 Feb

Schoolyard bullies grow up to be Workplace Bullies.

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“At the heart of every relentless (and remorseless) bully is the certain (subconscious) knowledge that if they do it enough and for long enough they can actually kill their target. Just because someone isn’t using a fist, a gun or a knife doesn’t make it any less an act of violence. We need to educate society to understand this. Bullies are killers – they’re just doing it a little slower than we currently recognise” ~ Islandmoonrise (WordPress)

One of the most unconsciously accepted predators throughout history are commonly known as “bullies”. There are many versions of this kind of injustice however I’d like to draw your attention towards psychic and emotional bulling.

Whether you beat someone physically or badger them emotionally the end result is still the same. Metaphorically, the bully aims to kill their target.  For the bully, control is their primary weapon; they use it to gain power…

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