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Happy Easter!! Joyful Resurrection Sunday!!

27 Mar


Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

To All who Celebrate Easter ~~ Happy Resurrection Sunday!! Enjoy!

Me. Easter 1964. Complete with Black Patent Leather Shoes and matching handbag!  I was very cute! Me. Easter 1964. Complete with Black Patent Leather Shoes and matching handbag! I was very cute!

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Happy World Water Day!

23 Mar

Flint, Michigan

March 22 is World Water Day. The 2016 theme is ?Better water, better jobs.?

The power of water and jobs ? transforming people’s lives. Half of all workers on Earth are employed in water-related sectors. Millions of them are unrecognized and unprotected. ? UN-Water

Yea! Everyone is for better jobs. So, here?s a gentle United Nations (UN) video-reminder to multinational corporations that they should not abuse the human rights of their workers. Allow me to say it more plainly: Exploiting people and/or the environment for profit is shameful; it?s stealing.

Exploitation is a shameful practice when it occurs in small, poor nations halfway around the world. It is no more shameful when it occurs in Kentucky coalfields, on Native American reservations, or in Flint, Michigan ? it?s only closer to home.

But let?s not get all weepy.

World Water Day is intended to heighten awareness of ordinary people throughout the world…

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Brooklyn Redux Remix

13 Mar

See you. See me.

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

Brooklyn Go Hard Morning ~ Raunchy, gritty, grungy, hardcore, dirty, filthy, artsy-craftsy, petal soft primal woodsy, wild. Designer baby strollers, Citi-Bike riders, health food buyers, vegan organic garden juxtaposed within a few blocks of BodegaLand wilted fruit, shrunken veggies, seven churches on one block, artery clogging foods, liquor stores, Loosies, shopping cart pushing poverty stricken poor beings hustling up another meal from the local food pantries.  The B25 Bus will take you to all worlds in one short ride.


Bumble Bee Buzz Razor sharp concepts ideas, plans, exciting, off the chain, rose scented thorns up your crazy cool a$$ fantasy, all the way live, drama, Elegance, earthy, witty, Wow! The Borough of Kings filled with Queens. City of Dreams. Poems and Schemes. Living the Grind to expand my mind. Peace out!!!!!!!!!


Brooklyn Evening Downstream Rush

Brooklyn ~ Land of Drama and Dreamers, Hipsters, Hucksters and Healers, Shirkers and Workers……


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Yes Compassion is a Skill!!!

4 Mar

Dear Lord God, You know how much I Love my brother Stephen. Please help me be a better caregiver and please increase pay for his Direct Care Workers. I’m very worried and afraid. Stephen is my whole Life. He is my reason for being.

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

These are the people who help take care of my brother Stephen. Please support the Direct Care Workers. Come out to the Rally on March 11th. If you cannot come out to the rally to increase the salaries of Direct Care Professions please call, write, or email Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Thank you.  Unfortunately because of my work schedule I cannot be at the Rally. Those of you who have been following over a period of time know that it has been next to impossible for me to get time off work for Stephen or to extend my Autism Activism/Advocacy.  More of less I’m doing my Autism Advocacy with my hands tied behind my back.

Somebody please tell me why people like my brother Stephen do not have value in this country?  Why aren’t the Direct Care Workers paid a living wage?  I’m afraid. I’m afraid for Stephen. If the Direct…

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Love Positive Women

4 Mar


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