Yes Compassion is a Skill!!!

4 Mar

Dear Lord God, You know how much I Love my brother Stephen. Please help me be a better caregiver and please increase pay for his Direct Care Workers. I’m very worried and afraid. Stephen is my whole Life. He is my reason for being.

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

These are the people who help take care of my brother Stephen. Please support the Direct Care Workers. Come out to the Rally on March 11th. If you cannot come out to the rally to increase the salaries of Direct Care Professions please call, write, or email Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Thank you.  Unfortunately because of my work schedule I cannot be at the Rally. Those of you who have been following over a period of time know that it has been next to impossible for me to get time off work for Stephen or to extend my Autism Activism/Advocacy.  More of less I’m doing my Autism Advocacy with my hands tied behind my back.

Somebody please tell me why people like my brother Stephen do not have value in this country?  Why aren’t the Direct Care Workers paid a living wage?  I’m afraid. I’m afraid for Stephen. If the Direct…

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