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Allied Progress Fights Preditory Pay Day Lenders

28 Apr

Predatory Pay Day Lenders
Corruption is a website Progressives may want to know about. Allied Progress is a ?nationwide nonprofit grassroots organization? [that] uses hard-hitting research and creative campaigns to hold powerful special interests accountable and empower hardworking Americans.?

In the following video, Allied Progress executive director Karl Frisch talks about one of the anti-corruption campaigns they are currently working on: Pay Day Lending.

Congressional ?Payday Pals? Exposed

?The rates are probably worse with Pay Day lenders than they were with the ?Mob.? [?] It?s these Florida [Congress] members who have been taking tens of thousands of dollars from Pay Day lenders to push the so-called ?Florida Model.? It is not a model anybody should be emulating.?

? Karl Frisch, Executive Director of Allied Progress

Go to Allied Progress to review the current campaigns that oppose powerful interest groups, take action by adding your voice, and get the latest Allied Progress news and…

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Stephen’s Upcoming 55th Birthday Celebration

23 Apr

Thank you for helping me manifest abundance for Stephen!! We appreciate and are grateful for your donations! God Bless!!

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

Greetings Family and Friends!! My brother Stephen’s 55th Birthday Celebration is coming May 3rd. Two things I need.

Anyone in the NYC area who has a car who could help me pick up Stephen from his group home in Bellerose, Queens and bring him to Brownsville, Brooklyn would be much appreciated. Pick up May 1st. Return to Queens Residence May 4th. I will pay you for gas.

Stephen has Autism and I am his only living relative so I have no one else who can assist me.

Nov. 7th 2008 I had a minor stroke which affected my eyesight particularly the vision in my left eye. My eyesight is now 20/100 and I can no longer drive  car.  Retina surgery in Jan.2010 only partially corrected my vision problems.

I have always tried to be independent and do things on my own but as I’m getting older there are certain functions…

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Srisha Births a Nation~House of Ganesha

4 Apr

I am Divine Light!
I am the Divine Image of the Goddess!

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

A City on a Rock

Srisha Births a Nation


In the time of Before. Whorls. Whirls.  A Looking Glass. Lyrisha stepped into the breech, squatted down and birthed Pangaea. Beholding her child she cut the umbilical cord, flung the afterbirth to the sky and she proclaimed I am the Seed Giving Mother.  Melanated being swirling, twirling, whirling dervishes in Praise to the Most High!

SiStar Luna has blessed us with a full Blood Moon. A Conjuring time has settled in. Cleansing, purifying, Blood Season.

Re-absorption has begun. A Virgin gathers thorns.

Click — Click — Click

I welcome SiSta Luna and drink in her Essence. Then I became Moon Goddess cast into MoonLit Silver bars. Shadows creep from beyond the hedges. Minerva anointed Mother Earth Scared Scented Oils undulated through germinated Blossoms.

Moonbeams eek through nectar blooms washes over land sweetened with adjoining rivers, brooks, lakes, oceans, seas subsumed across the Universe.  Who is she…

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Pangaea ~~ Lysrisha Births the Universe | Unicorn Mountains

4 Apr

I am Radiant Substance.

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

Pangaea ~~ Lysrisha Births the Universe

Unicorn Mountains

A City on a Rock

In the time of Before, Lysrisha became one flesh with her Temple Lover Nucleus. Surrender tantric smiles. Glisten with Glee. The little death has brought me thee. My barren landscape is fertilized with your droplets of liquid malaise vibrating balm. Joy has entered my womb for now there will be cell division and procreation ensuring that our species will go on.

Lysrisha squatted down as her head birthed the Cosmos a dynamic whorl manifested all the known nations. She cried out I am the seed giving Mother impregnating, absorbing, producing, preserving and Creating. My egg is the potent nourishing seedlings of luminosity. Devotees draw near to me. A thin diaphanous veil is all that separates Creator, Destroyer and Renovator.  Reign. Rain.

Three SiStar Ninth Dimension Changelings: Pangeia, Merlina, and Samsara.

Valley flowers arose from the dewy mysts producing the most delectable scents and…

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