Pangaea ~~ Lysrisha Births the Universe | Unicorn Mountains

4 Apr

I am Radiant Substance.

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

Pangaea ~~ Lysrisha Births the Universe

Unicorn Mountains

A City on a Rock

In the time of Before, Lysrisha became one flesh with her Temple Lover Nucleus. Surrender tantric smiles. Glisten with Glee. The little death has brought me thee. My barren landscape is fertilized with your droplets of liquid malaise vibrating balm. Joy has entered my womb for now there will be cell division and procreation ensuring that our species will go on.

Lysrisha squatted down as her head birthed the Cosmos a dynamic whorl manifested all the known nations. She cried out I am the seed giving Mother impregnating, absorbing, producing, preserving and Creating. My egg is the potent nourishing seedlings of luminosity. Devotees draw near to me. A thin diaphanous veil is all that separates Creator, Destroyer and Renovator.  Reign. Rain.

Three SiStar Ninth Dimension Changelings: Pangeia, Merlina, and Samsara.

Valley flowers arose from the dewy mysts producing the most delectable scents and…

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