Srisha Births a Nation~House of Ganesha

4 Apr

I am Divine Light!
I am the Divine Image of the Goddess!

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

A City on a Rock

Srisha Births a Nation


In the time of Before. Whorls. Whirls.  A Looking Glass. Lyrisha stepped into the breech, squatted down and birthed Pangaea. Beholding her child she cut the umbilical cord, flung the afterbirth to the sky and she proclaimed I am the Seed Giving Mother.  Melanated being swirling, twirling, whirling dervishes in Praise to the Most High!

SiStar Luna has blessed us with a full Blood Moon. A Conjuring time has settled in. Cleansing, purifying, Blood Season.

Re-absorption has begun. A Virgin gathers thorns.

Click — Click — Click

I welcome SiSta Luna and drink in her Essence. Then I became Moon Goddess cast into MoonLit Silver bars. Shadows creep from beyond the hedges. Minerva anointed Mother Earth Scared Scented Oils undulated through germinated Blossoms.

Moonbeams eek through nectar blooms washes over land sweetened with adjoining rivers, brooks, lakes, oceans, seas subsumed across the Universe.  Who is she…

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