You Don’t Look Sick! Can’t You Get Over It?

23 Oct

I can relate to everything she says. I still have my triggers, anxieties and panic attacks. If it were possible to “get over it” I would have made that choice long ago, rather I’ve Learned to live this new life.


Many of us deal with an invisible illness (physical, emotional, mental), we don’t look sick!

Typically, if we are out and about and even within our own family,  if we see or know someone that looks outwardly ill or has a visible disability, we hopefully (but I know not everyone) feel compassion, give them space, and help them, usually without thought or frustration. I’m not addressing caregiver fatigue in this post, I’m talking about our very human nature that if we can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

Sometimes, out of pure surprise, when people find out I have PTSD, they say, “You don’t look sick.” I don’t take offense to it because it is a natural thought. It’s not coming from a place of dismissal, or maliciousness. But, I do take offense when the next words of “Can’t you just get over it?” are said aloud. I don’t know, there is something…

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2 Responses to “You Don’t Look Sick! Can’t You Get Over It?”

  1. rayneq04 November 12, 2016 at 1:23 am #

    I can relate to. but hey! be patient with yourself and you’ll get there ^^

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