Healthcare Literacy 101: The Social Determinants of Health #SDOH

5 Dec

Timely and important post

A Patient Voice

I don’t think sustainable is the right word for healthcare.  Healthcare will always be here one way or another.  I think relevant is a better word.  Is our healthcare system designed to have the greatest increase in population health at any given time with whatever resources we have at that time?  To be relevant, I would like to see the pendulum swing far over to education, prevention and health promotions, from where it is now hanging, in diagnosing, treating and extending. We’ve neglected populations at risk. We don’t treat those we don’t care about. We fix we don’t heal. For me, being sustainable is ultimately about being fair.
It will always be a challenge for healthcare to be efficient, there will be pressure on voters to cut taxes but not services until apathy is addressed.  An efficient healthcare produces positive results.  We currently have a health care system where programs…

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