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Lament of 733 L St.

11 Feb

We cannot keep silent. One day they may come for you and your family next. We must raise our voices and speak up! Remember WWII and Nazi Germany!! History tends to repeat itself but we can stop this inhumane treatment and these Houses of Horror!!

Life Matters

i confess to seeing things most
encounter only in nightmares,
or read about in reports from
another corner of the globe.

where once i felt breathless,
watching the proud and lowly chase
financial transactions, inquiring as
to their holdings,

i am now witness to transactions of another sort.

how did my belly come to
house this sinister debacle,
dehumanization–detention without
warning; removal without due process?

secrecy shrouds these human
holdings, the lack of transparency
affords no legal counsel, only
intimidation preying on those

whose eyes scream with terror, backs
bent from years of work which
those who seal their fate
have long refused to do.

i cannot bear it; i was not built for this.
is this not one human life after another
herded without recourse? is not one life–
regardless of origin, belief, status–

worth more than all else in our world?
i do not understand the human race

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Richness is not having many possessions. Rather, true richness is the richness of the soul . . . Gerçek zenginlik, mal çokluğu değil, gönül tokluğudur . . . The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

6 Feb

God is Merciful, Loving, Kind and Compassionate. The Lord Sees inside our True Hearts.


When we think of a religious person who Allah loves, we tend to think of a man who has a beard, wears an ‘imama and a juba, always lives in the mosque, constantly prays, fasts and recites the Qur’an.

*But you know who we tend to forget that Allah loves?*

The mother who manages to get up for Fajr despite sleeping less than an hour because her baby was up all night.

The young person who is fighting depression but still musters the strength to get through the day because of a belief that he has in Allah.

The woman who has to speed through her prayer because her little one is crying.

The man who lays down the mat and prostates whilst at work.

The lady who wears the hijab correctly in public despite the pressures.

The student who lowers his…

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Thought for the day

2 Feb

Grace and Mercy to others and ourselves. Compassion is what’s needed.

Lionel Sneed Ministries

“Love and grace have the distinct ability to see the best in us even when the worst within us is revealed. This is what it truly means to live life through the lens of grace” – Lionel

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