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Life is All These Things and Flights of Fancy

6 Oct

Life is:

Stupendous, astonishing, astounding, breathtaking, outstanding, colossal, dynamite, enormous, fabulous, fantastic, great, marvelous, mind-blowing, miraculous, monumental, phenomenal, prodigious, radical, smashing, spectacular, stunning, super, superb, terrific, sweeping, far-reaching, wondrous, stimulating, tremendous, groovy, thrilling, dazzling, magnificent, glorious, splendid, brilliant, extraordinary, exquisite, awesome, excellent, inspiring, motivating, electrifying, exhilarating, remarkable, hip, cool, intense, deep, dazzling, alluring, exceptional, special, epic, vast, incredible, remarkable, adrenaline-charged, flabbergasting, passionate, Longing & desire, powerful, Journey/Voyage.

I ponder as I wander!

Now time for a Musical Spiritual Interlude

Here’s the Jazzy Owl.

One Froggy Evening I was doing the Michigan Rag

Over many ages I’ve traversed the mind of the Unicorn. Here are the seedlings of Wisdom he has passed onto me in our mutual journeys.

 We are highly imaginative, uninhibited, free spirits, nonconformists and eccentrics!

Are Tribbles ancestors or distant relatives to Furbies or Gremlins?

The Trouble with Tribbles and Don’t let your Tribbles Become Your Troubles

Break Forth into singing to our singing future furry ancestors

The Trouble with Tribbles

The Trouble with Tribbles


Watch out don’t get me wet!


Furbys the Next Generation

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Excuses that make God go Hmmmmmm……….. Then again from time to time perhaps we’ve all taken the plunge into neverending darkness and encountered hobos who’ve insisted that we take a ride in the freight car of the Southern Pacific to who knows where. Are we on our way to Xanadu or the Hotel California? If the latter we know that there is no escape, save we move towards our own individual inner lights.

The Neverending Darkness of Hobos

The Never-ending Darkness of Hobos

Flights of Fancy

Greetings and Salutations from Planet Rock & The Fantastic Voyage!

This is Cheytan and I’ve been asked to conduct this flight of fancy. Wait a minute. Excuse me but some of the other spirit creations are trying to break free before their time and they’re causing an awful din. Hey you guys! Silence! Thank you. Now I can proceed.

Normal is the mutually created state between self and Goddess whereby you repeatedly step out of one state of being into a personal universe of goals, dreams, and fantasies without having a complete psychotic break with the reality at hand. Living inside ones head with the ability to return to the Three dimensional worlds for discourse with earthly flesh and blood. My ancestral angels have not only pulled me back but accompanied me, overshadowing my being with a golden celestial aura.

Anytime I’m dissatisfied with the present reality I retreat to my “Happy Place” – a parallel universe populated by created forces over which I have total control or at least most of the time. Occasionally the inhabitants may get out of hand but my fellows they are allowed to stray from their appointed pathway only in the greater scheme of further ends I’ve already predestined for them.  Sometimes the Angels assigned to guide have me morph into alternate beings, with the ability to inhabit the glories of past and future worlds both terrestrial and celestial.

Each chamber of my mind has a doorway that opens to Flights of Fantasy Realms with many alter-egos and avatars each vying to pilot the “Dream Ship Cheytan”!

These dreams and fantasies become my true normal. Normal is the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt copulating with Flappers of 1920s America producing a race of superhuman beings and biomorphic forms who populate the fourth dimension world of Modern Art. The dissolute household, Isis, Ishtar, Nzingha, Makeda, Storm, the Borg Queen Lilith, Juan de Pareja, phantasms from the paintings of Tanguy and Carrington, the Wizard of OZ, Star Wars, all  meet  in a Great Celebration!

Juan de Pareja plays ethereal music upon a 17th Century Italian Harpsichord accompanied by musical voices that have taken the form of African drums, old Negro Spirituals, Baptist Hymns, Native American, Gregorian and Buddhist chants. Dwellers from the off center worlds of Yves Tanguy and Lenora Carrington dance a ghostly minuet strangely in time with the aforementioned harmonies. Umberto Boccioni mechanical cubist forms shape shift as each civilization raises its songs of praise to their nation’s way of life. Rumi and Hafiz recite poetry in Old Persian. Surreal images of Magritte and villagers from Chagall mix and mingle in a charged atmosphere. All happily exchange and converse within the Stream, that unconscious subtle system of verbal and non-verbal communication. Empaths guided by cues, pheromones, and inner thoughts, dreams and visions.

Always remember, “A Unicorn seldom this way comes to a locked Garden.”

Yes! Normal is the reality I create for myself!

Excuse me but my Creator Mistress signals me to re-enter Fourth Dimension from which I was summoned.

Folks it was fun being able to briefly enter your world, voice my thoughts and I hope to visit with you again very soon. Alright everybody the party’s coming to my place. Get on the conga line and let’s go!

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