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1 John 4:18 NIV – There is no fear in love. But perfect – Bible Gateway

17 Jun

True Love Welcomes the Immigrants and Refugees.

The Bible scriptures call us to take in the strangers and those who are being deported, pushed out and persecuted.

We are called to Love and Respect all no matter what race, religion, gender, ethnic groups or nationally.



17 Jun

Torn apart by hate

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

Jesus said, Suffer the little children to come unto me. Jesus said that any one who causes harm or injury to children it would be better if a millstone were hung around their necks.

Hell awaits Agent Orange aka #45 as well as televangelists, fundamentalists and evangelicals. Evil and wicked they are agents of the devil not God.

I see the children of my Great great great Grandmother being torn from her outstretched arms. She remembers when the blue eyed flaxen haired demons tore her from her Motherland tribe. Her wails course through the centuries.

I see my Native American ancestors torn from their Land, Tribes and families and forced into Indian schools.

I see the suffering of Jewish families torn apart during the Holocaust. Condemned to Concentration camps.

I see Japanese Americans torn from their homes and forced into Internment camps.

I see history repeating itself once more while…

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cursed identity

17 Jun

Trusting You…An Open Prayer | a cooking pot and twisted tales

11 Jun

O Allah, adorn us with the beauty of faith … Allah’ım! Bizi iman ziyneti ile süsle …

9 May

Oh Lord Give us Beauty for Ashes. Forever teaching us to trust in you Lord God!


O Allah, by Your knowledge of the unseen and Your power over creation, keep me alive so long as You know such life to be good for me and take me if You know death to be better for me.

O Allah, make me fearful of You whether in secret or in public and I ask You to make me true in speech, in times of pleasure and anger.I ask you to make me moderate in times of wealth and poverty and I ask You for everlasting bliss and joy which will never cease.I ask You to make me pleased with what You have decreed and for an easy life after death.I ask You for the sweetness of looking upon Your Face and a longing to encounter You in a manner which does not entail a calamity which will bring about harm nor a trial which will cause deviation.


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Everything comes to you in the right moment . Be patient , be grateful . . . Herşey sana doğru zamanda gelir. Sabret, Şükret.

1 May

Wait on God and be of good courage. The Lord God is with you.


Come, come, let us appreciate each other, know the value of each other. Because you never know we might be suddenly separated. Now that our Prophet has said: ‘The believer is the mirror of the believer.’ why are we turning our face from the mirror?


Gel, gel de birbirimizin kadrini, kıymetini bilelim, çünkü, belli olmaz, birbirimizden ansızın ayrılabiliriz. Mademki Peygamber Efendimiz; ‘Mümin müminin aynasıdır.’ diye buyurdu. Ne diye aynadan yüz çeviriyoruz?


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“Theirs is the Highest and Purest Democracy…” The Sermon of Rabbi Roland Gittelsohn at Iwo Jima

17 Mar

The Sermon of Rabbi Roland Gittelsohn at Iwo Jima

Padre Steve's World...Musings of a Progressive Realist in Wonderland


Rabbi Roland Gittelson, Chaplain Corps U.S. Navy

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I have been serving in the military for almost 36 years between the Army and the Navy, and I have been a chaplain for almost 25 of those years. Over six of those years as a Navy Chaplain were spent serving with the Marine Corps. Rabbi Roland Gittelson volunteered to serve as a Navy Chaplain in the Second World War and like many Navy Chaplains he was assigned to serve with the Marines. He was the first Rabbi to serve with the Marines.

He went ashore with the 5th Marine Division at Iwo Jima. The battle was one of the most brutal ever fought by the Marines. In the month long battle for the 8.1 square mile island the Marines and Navy suffered nearly 7,000 men killed and 19,000 wounded. Over 18,000 of the island’s Japanese defenders died…

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