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13 Mar

Hits the nail on the head!


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Muslim Charities Are Helping To Raise Money for Burned Black Churches In The US*

12 Mar

Jews, Christians, and Muslims are Sisters and Brothers no matter our Color.

Hwaairfan's Blog

Muslim Charities Are Helping To Raise Money for Burned Black Churches In The US*

By Louis Doré

Eight black churches have been burned down since the Charleston shootings, and Muslim charities have succeeded in their goal to raise $20,000 in an effort to rebuild them.

At the time of writing the project, launched last Thursday, has raised $21,688 (£14,000) from 495 contributors, making the mean donation in the region of $44.

A statement on the fundraising page said:

All houses of worship are sanctuaries, a place where all should feel safe, a place we can seek refuge when the world is too much to bear.

We are calling on you to help add our support to faith communities across the country pooling their resources to rebuild these churches.

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American Muslims Raise Over $190,000 For San Bernardino Victims*

12 Mar

We Can Work Together from a Place of Love by Helping others no matter what their religion.

Hwaairfan's Blog

American Muslims Raise Over $190,000 For San Bernardino Victims*

By Vandita

While Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump responded to the San Bernardino shooting by calling for a complete ban on Muslims entering the United States, a group of American Muslims set up a fundraising campaign for the victims’ families – hoping to respond to “evil with good”.

California-based neurologist and president of MiNDS Network Faisal Qazi along with Tarek El-Messidi, founder of the Muslim non-profit CelebrateMercy, set up a crowd funding campaign – Muslims United for San Bernardino – on LaunchGood, a Muslim-oriented crowd funding website, on December 3 to ease the financial burden on grieving families a day after 3 attackers went on a shooting spree at the Inland Regional Medical center in San Bernardino, California, and gunned down 14 people.

The initial goal of the united American Muslim campaign was to raise $50,000; so far, more…

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This Man Riddled their Mosque With Bullets, now They’re Forgiving Him*

12 Mar

All the People of the Book and the Children of Abraham are called to Forgiveness.

Hwaairfan's Blog

This Man Riddled their Mosque With Bullets, now They’re Forgiving Him*

By Jack Jenkins

Just hours after a series of deadly terrorist attacks struck Paris, France, on November 13, 2015, Ted A. Hakey Jr. slipped deeper and deeper into a drunken rage. Convinced that Muslims were inherently dangerous and overcome with anger, the inebriated Hakey — a retired Marine and resident of Meriden, Connecticut — snapped. At around 2:00 a.m., he grabbed one of his high-powered rifles, pointed it out the window at a nearby mosque, and squeezed off several shots.

Many of the bullets pierced the wall of the Baitul Iman “House of Peace” mosque, leaving holes just feet from where worshippers sat a few hours earlier reading the Qur’an. The chilling episode was the first in an unprecedented wave of anti-Islam incidents that swept the country in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, with an ever-growing number…

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Review of ‘The Past That Would Not Die’

12 Mar

For those seeking real truths not “alternative truths.”

Charles Ray's Ramblings

In 1962, when Air Force veteran James Meredith entered the University of Mississippi at Oxford, over the strenuous objections of the state’s white power structure, led by Governor Ross Barnett, who stood against the weight of the United States government, it led to several days of rioting and bloodshed. This was not, however, an isolated incident in the turbulent Civil Rights era of the 1960s, but a continuation of a struggle that had plagued the nation’s poorest state since the Civil War and before, as whites in Mississippi fought to retain their ‘privileged’ status vis a vis black citizens of the state; a struggle that infected much of the rest of the country while it came to terms with how to deal with its minority populations.

The Past That Would Not Die by Walter Lord was written originally in 1965, and has been reissued in e-Book format. The result of…

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12 Mar

A story of Gratitude and Thankfulness. Be Blessed.


A short story of gratefulness from Rich Paschall, Sunday Night Blog

Max had to get an early start on Monday.  Three times a month it was the most important day of the week and he did not want to be late.  It was quite the walk to the Methodist church but he felt he was up to it.  Anyway, he did not want to ride part of the way on the bus as that seemed a waste of money.  If he had a good haul, however, he would definitely consider public transportation on the way back.  Even though Max was not a Methodist, he was headed to the Methodist church.

Next door to the church stood a small wooden building.  It was painted grey, like the church building, and it seemed too small for most uses.  No one recalls why the building was there originally, but now it served as the neighborhood…

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TECH: Five STEM Programs Geared Towards Girls

10 Mar

Education is under attack in the United States so programs like these are extremely important! They are Vital to American progress!!


(photo via blackenterprise.com)

article by Samara Lynn via blackenterprise.com

In honor of International Women’s Day, let’s focus on tomorrow’s women—today’s girls. It’s no secret; future success requires well-balanced literacy in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Girls are in danger of being left behind in a technology-first world, and this disadvantage starts in the classroom.

Studies show that, after the age of six, girls think boys are naturally smarter.That has to change, and this change can start by giving girls a head start in science and mathematics at as young an age as possible. While grown women continue the fight to equalize opportunity and advancement on the career battlefield, here are some great programs you can get your girl involved with now to make her STEM-strong.

GOALS for Girls Summer Intensive

The GOALS (Greater Opportunities Advancing Leadership and Science) for Girls Summer Intensive is a free, six-week program for eighth…

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